Capturing The Memories Of Your Most Special Day

Most brides and grooms tend to get so wrapped up in their wedding planning and planning of their perfect dress that they tend to neglect one of the most important aspects of their wedding which is the photography and videography for their wedding. It is important for you as a bride to be to remember that after your wedding day, your memories of your wedding will fade, your guests memories will fade and after a year or two most of your guests will not remember anything about your wedding and the sad truth is that your own memories too will start to slip away. One day ten years later, it won’t matter what food you served at your wedding or how expensive your dress was but the only thing you will have left is the album with your wedding pictures.

Prioritize when planning
When planning your wedding day, it is vital that you prioritize because it is easy to run out of money and then anything that you have not paid for or planned yet will no longer seem important. It is important for you to book your event photography in Singapore at the very beginning because this is one of the most important factors of your wedding planning. It is important for you to choose your photographer wisely. It is important that you do not try to save money on your photography but instead invest in the best there is. You can actually look through the photographer’s previous work and portfolio’s to make sure that you are satisfied with the work they do before hiring them.

Secondly, you will need to invest in your event videography because this is just as important. Your wedding video is extremely important and therefore, again with your videographer you will need to choose wisely.

Crowd pictures
One of the newer and more modern concepts becoming popular is crowd photography. You cannot prevent everyone using their phones at your wedding and therefore you might as well make use of it by asking everyone to capture pictures ta your wedding. Your guests will feel honored and privileged to be part of the picture taking and they will also appreciate being asked to put their photography skills to use. This way, you will have hundreds and event thousands of amazing pictures of your wedding from hundreds of different viewpoints. You might even be surprised to find that there are some absolutely beautiful memories that a guest captured that the professional photographer may have missed completely.