Efficient Ways To Store Your Business Goods – For Home Business Owners

Doing a business at home can be a rewarding as well as exhausting. One important component of a successful business is storing your work and important data in an appropriate manner. Once stored it should be secure and also easily accessible when needed.

Storing handcrafts

Creating beautiful handcrafts can be really exciting, because you can actually get to appreciate the finished product. But what happens when can’t find the last bead or button you need to sew on? It is bound to frustrate you. To avoid these situations what you should do is to designate a proper place for your work. It can be garage, a room, shelves on a wall, a cupboard or even a part of a cupboard. Try to keep your raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods separately. This way you will easily be able to find anything you need.

While you might be able to do handicrafts like sewing and knitting from your home, but garage will be best to work on noisy projects like woodwork.

Storing foodstuffs

Singapore storage of foodstuff can be a tricky affair. First your kitchen and water supply will have to comply with the local safety standards. Once you prepare the food you will have to make sure they are stored safely. Dairy products can go bad if not refrigerated properly and sweets can attract insects. Shelf-stable foods are easier to store, but these too can be attacked by insects and rodents.

For foods that need to be stored in room temperature use appropriate sized air tight containers. For chilled foods use a commercial freezer or refrigerator. If you have a steady business, consider a suitably sized walk-in refrigerator.

Hygiene is number one when you deal with food, so don’t compromise on this.

Import export businesses

If you want to import or export goods, but have no room to store them at home, don’t despair. Contact a storage rental which will be able to find a solution for you. They have regular units where the temperature and humidity are not controlled and temperature controlled units for heat and humidity sensitive items. Some units are placed outdoors, much like a garage. These can be used to store large items and you can bring your truck right up to its doorstep.


Properly stored data is an important part of any business. This will help you track all your transactions easily. Depending on your business data should be easily retrievable to your workgroup and secure enough so that it won’t be manipulated. Flash thumb drives and external hard drives can be used efficiently, but these need to be backed up. Storing on a network or cloud is a great way to work on shared data. These are easy to use and easy to install.