Keeping Your Customers Happy With A Good Erp Software

One of the key factors that keep a business running is the customers. Without customers a business would not exist because then there will be no one to use the goods or services produced or provided by a certain company. Therefore, making sure the customers you already have are happy and also making sure to keep your customer base intact and taking actions to add more customers to it are very important tasks to perform if you want to survive in the business world.

With the ERP software Singapore, this task of providing a good customer service has actually become easier. Such a good Enterprise Resource Planning system allows you to keep your customers happy by providing the following services to you.

Having All Your Customer DetailsA good Enterprise Resource Planning system allows you to store all the details about your customers in one place. That means once a customer makes a purchase with you that customer is added to the customer database. There under his or her name you enter the purchase order made. If the customer continues to make purchases from your company all those transactions will be installed under the details of that customer’s profile. This helps to identify customer preferences which can in turn give you the opportunity to provide them with the products that best suit their taste, thus, keeping them happy and with you.

Customer ClassificationThe web based ERP software you use, if it is a good one, can give you again the chance to classify your customers. This is possible because the system has already installed all the information about every customer you have. You can then go on and classify those customers based on factors such as credit period, credit limit, product and pricing needs, number of orders placed, etc. This will allow you to identify the most profitable of the customers. By treating them specially you will be able to gain their trust and keep them within the company.

The perfect Enterprise Resource Planning system allows you to gather all the necessary customer data in one place making it easy for you to identify the preferences of each customer as well as identify the most profitable customers to do business with. That way, you know exactly how to deal with each customer, which makes it easy for you to keep them happy and with you. When you treat the customers you have in your customer base well word will travel and you will be able to have more customers in no time.