Memories Of Your Little Angel

Learning that you are pregnant with your first child for the first time is one of the most exciting moments of your life and then for the next nine months you spend all of your time daydreaming about what your new little baby is going to be like, what she is going to look like and what her personality will be. In these nine months you will spend a lot of time thinking about the first time she talks, the first time she crawls and the first time she takes her first step however, after your baby is born life takes a very different turn. Most people will not tell you about what life is going to be like after you have your first baby but the truth is that it is very tiring and stressful job and you are unlikely to remember some of the most special and incredible moments of your baby’s growth because you will have been too tired to notice. In fact in many cases, you will be too tired to appreciate some of the special moments in your baby’s life and sometimes your baby taking her first steps or having her first haircut may not be as appreciated as it should be because you will be extremely tired and extremely stressed out.

Preserving memories
There are certain little souvenirs that you can make to preserve your baby’s little memories forever. You can make a baby hair brush out of your baby’s first hair or the hair that you get from your baby’s first haircut that you can keep forever and maybe one day present to your own child along with all of their baby photographs.

This is called taimaobi and is a Chinese tradition for preserving your baby’s precious first hair. In western culture, the first hair is preserved and kept in a photo album or in a picture frame.

In many cases mothers will look back at photographs and keepsakes of their baby’s special moments and appreciate those moments a lot more when looking back at them than they would in real time. When your baby takes her first steps it would be a great idea to have a video of it or a picture of it to remind you of that special moment many years later. In order to do this however, you will need to have a camera or a video camera handy at all times to record those special moments. You can plan for this during your pregnancy so that you do not forget to have a camera ready.