Nurturing Physical Fitness And Social Interaction Among Children

Children are often encouraged to play. Whether it is individual or team based, playing boosts self-esteem and confidence. It helps children build social relationships and motivates them do well in their academics.

When playing sports, children are physically active. They receive a good exercise, make friends and they have loads of fun. This enables them to be in shape and healthy. Participation in sports also helps children build social skills. They learn to interact with other kids their age and older kids. Moreover, kids learn leadership, sports team building skills and communication skills that will help them in their school life and the future.

Sports teach lots of lessons including how to push oneself and trust in one’s abilities. As kids participate in sports they are encourage by their coach and parents and thus develop a good self-esteem and are spurred on forward. Sports are about hard work and dedication. When children apply this combination to their studies they excel academically. Several studies conducted by research institutes back this fact. Sports play a positive role when it comes to health. Children who are engaged in sports have a very healthy system and eat as required. If they are professionally involved they learn to choose the best food suitable for them to keep them healthy and active. Kids who are involved in sports breathe in fresh air and do not lack in vitamin D.

In team based sports there is unity. A few examples of team based sports are relay races, sports hot potato, tug of war, cricket, football, catching cradle and basketball. These sports can also be identified as team building activities and they help bring a team together. If you are interested about team building you can visit this site

At present as we enter the era of technology children spend less and less time playing outdoor sports and are coped up at home playing video games or watching television. Their health is declining and many children are obese at a young age. Parents too do not make time to take their kids to the park or spend time playing with them. This result has led to a whole heap of problems. Many children are friendless and poor at social interaction. They show disinterest in healthy food and do not consume proper meals. Children also have developed low self-esteems and this does not affect their present lives but their future too as they grow up to be lazy, disinterested and unhealthy adults. As a result, schools are making an effort to involve children in sports mandatorily and this is a great step in creating healthy children.