Office Base Marketing Equipment

Marketing is a vital component to any business, although most would see the marketing division or team of any company as the outgoing lot which has less stress levels to those who are in the finance or support teams, I truly believe that none of the other divisions will have nothing to work on if the necessary levels of income is not generated by them. The main process of bringing in cash flow, generating sales is in the hands of the marketing team. This process and strategies may take different shapes for different institutes. As a starting business, you may go along with the most used strategies of other businesses.

If you are an educational institute operating at the local scale, then your take on marketing could be different to an IT company that works on global scale. If you are to promote an offering of yours at your office base itself, even a simple noticeboard or a pull up banner could do the job for you. But how do you pick what to kind of marketing equipment to pick to your office? Here you go with some of the key equipment that could bring in change to your set.


Although this doesn’t seem like a really good idea, if you learn the psychology of a person, it’s crazy how we tend to keep something in mind when we see it for like two to three times repeatedly in a short time span. You could always use a LCD screen at the lobby to make people forget the time they waited to obtain your service plus alongside show up certain live customer clips in between to make them remember your brand in their mind.

• Whiteboard

Although a good roll up standee in Singapore could do the same job of displaying information, a whiteboard makes it easier to switch up whatever information at a daily or a weekly basis. There can be offers or subscription information that could change with time on and off, such information can always displayed using a white board if you are not willing to spend on a digital form dashboard.

• Candy Bowls

You may have seen this in dental clinics or beauty salons where people use candy bowls at their reception. This can be made a bit more novel by adding few chits and messages along with the candy to make people remember your brand in a good way. It’s all about creating a positive image that lasts in the minds of the customers.

These are some of the simple marketing equipment that you can use at your business place to make it more welcoming and at the same time be able to promote your brand in a good way.