Right Color, Right Place

Colors are known to be important and powerful. Each colour has its own expression and meaning. It is important to understand the meaning of colors as they can affect the behavior of people. Some colors can offend and upset people while other colors can please and delight people. Designers should be experts in colors even though the study of colors seem complex. Colors are an instant method of conveying messages and should be used correctly.

Why is it important?
Colors are core elements for art, interior design, dress design etc. and choosing the perfect color is very important for the outcome to be beautiful. Even though we have taken it for granted, a lot of thoughts are put into designing as colors affects our moods and behavior as our mind is stimulated subconsciously at the sight of different colors. It’s not just the eyes that is affected by color. Even subliminal activities in the human body such as appetite, blood pressure, concentration, memory and energy is affected by color.

Colors and designing
For designers, picking the right color plays a huge role as the mind and colors are subconsciously connected. If you are designing a restaurant, your beautiful restaurant interior design in Singapore should include the colors you are planning to use. Colors like red increase the appetite of the people while colors like blue or purple can create a loss of appetite. If you are designing a classroom you need to use colors such as green and blue and avoid colors such as red and orange to as these colors cause over stimulation. Therefore, it is important that the right color is used at the right place.

Different colors have various interpretations based on the country as well. In Japan, the color black is a color of honor while in western countries, black is a color of grief. In Western countries, red represents love and danger while in South Africa, red is a color of mourning.

It is very important that designers understand the different interpretations of colors. They should pay attention to the country, culture, religion and even political parties. If this is not done and a wrong color is used at a wrong place, it would be followed by several negative consequences.

This world is extremely colorful. Every season has its own unique color. Colors have the ability to communicate invisibly. It’s a powerful tool of communication and should be used accurately. By understanding what is conveyed by each color is useful in making better arrangement decisions. If colors are not taken into consideration in your designs, these designs can offend and have a negative effect on people.